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Today I asked: Caesar & Loui

– By Nico H.


Daniel Caesar (left) and Ludwig Lindell (right) of Caesar & Loui. Photo provided by Caesar & Loui.

K-Pop producers are, in large part, unsung heroes. They are a crucial factor in whether or not a K-Pop group succeeds. The idols themselves can only take their groups – their careers – so far, they need to be backed up by good production, good music. Otherwise, a fanbase will be hard-pressed to grow, flourish, let alone maintain. A lot of credit deserves to be directed toward those producers.

Enter Caesar & Loui, a duo that is responsible for plenty of recent songs, plenty of recent hits. Hailing from Sweden, Daniel Caesar and Ludwig Lindell are the masterminds behind a handful of jams that were released this summer. LOONA’s “Singing in the Rain,” Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor,” and Girls’ Generation’s “All Night,” the third being particularly momentous, due to the song being one of two title tracks celebrating the group’s tenth anniversary.

With their varied, yet layered and focused, production, Caesar & Loui has made a name for themselves within the K-Pop industry as consistent and solid producers. There’s a reason why companies keep coming back to Caesar & Loui for songs.

I recently had the chance to ask Caesar & Loui a few brief questions about their musical careers and how it intersected with the K-Pop scene. Enjoy, everybody.

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Today I asked: Blaise Corvin

– By Nico H.

Delvers LLC: Obligations Incurred is Blaise Corvin’s newest release. Photo provided by Blaise Corvin.

Writing is hard. Writing for an online audience is even harder. From self-publishing, to website analytics, to a consistent and constant workflow, to the anonymous, critical masses, there’s a lot to consider when wanting to pursue this kind of work. Writing original fiction on the internet, even getting a handful of eyes is an accomplishment in and of itself.

Blaise Corvin, a web serial novelist based in Texas, has managed to make name for himself in both the web serial community and through self-publishing on Amazon. Two very separate, distinct, and difficult markets to tap into, and Blaise has found success in both. He specializes in a genre known as ‘LitRPG,’ literature that borrows elements from video games and role playing games. His characters literally gain experience and level up, all in mixed setting of Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

Blaise is known for his Delvers LLC series, and on April 7, the next installment was released. In being curious about LitRPG and making a career about writing online, I reached out to Blaise to ask a few questions about his works and his process.

Below is a short interview I had with Blaise back in late March. Enjoy, everybody.

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