Today I asked: Wildbow

By N.

The web fiction world is a small yet active one. The internet tends to birth communities like that. There’s a wealth of quality stories worth sinking your time – and perhaps your life – into, and if you’re familiar with web fiction and web serials, you’ve probably heard of perhaps the richest writer out there. J.C. McCrae, better known as Wildbow, better known as the writer of Worm, Pact, and the currently on-going Twig. Good stuff, to put it lightly.

But, if the web fiction world is an alien one to you, you can’t go wrong starting off with Worm. Yeah, there’s roughly 1.7 million words, but the payoff justifies the length. It’s a worthy investment.

On Feb. 16, with two webs serials under his belt, and with his third coming along quite nicely, I decided to reach out to Wildbow himself to ask him a few things I was personally curious about, from his different web serials to upcoming projects. There’s some Worm 2 talk in here.

Below is a short and quick Q&A with the man himself. Enjoy, everybody.

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Home is Where the Lechon Is

– By A.

Kalabasa, a mixed vegetable dish, and sinigang, a sour soup, served at Mang Dedoy.

When you think Japanese, you think sushi and ramen. When you think Vietnamese, you think Phở. Italian, spaghetti. Mexican, tacos. Generalizations aside, many cultures have plenty of staple foods in the American mainstream consciousness, instantly recognizable and appreciated by many.

What about Filipino food?

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For Isaiah Rashad, “The Sun’s Tirade” is the light at the end of the tunnel

– By A.


Rapper Isaiah Rashad knows how to rap about his demons. Signed to label Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) in 2013, the Chattanooga, TN. rapper stands among the likes of ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, and Kendrick Lamar, the latter considered one of the best of the current generation. Clearly, Rashad has quite the shoes to fill. And with The Sun’s Tirade, Isaiah Rashad’s album debut, he’s out to prove that he can wear them.

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