Today I asked: Blaise Corvin

– By Nico H.

Delvers LLC: Obligations Incurred is Blaise Corvin’s newest release. Photo provided by Blaise Corvin.

Writing is hard. Writing for an online audience is even harder. From self-publishing, to website analytics, to a consistent and constant workflow, to the anonymous, critical masses, there’s a lot to consider when wanting to pursue this kind of work. Writing original fiction on the internet, even getting a handful of eyes is an accomplishment in and of itself.

Blaise Corvin, a web serial novelist based in Texas, has managed to make name for himself in both the web serial community and through self-publishing on Amazon. Two very separate, distinct, and difficult markets to tap into, and Blaise has found success in both. He specializes in a genre known as ‘LitRPG,’ literature that borrows elements from video games and role playing games. His characters literally gain experience and level up, all in mixed setting of Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

Blaise is known for his Delvers LLC series, and on April 7, the next installment was released. In being curious about LitRPG and making a career about writing online, I reached out to Blaise to ask a few questions about his works and his process.

Below is a short interview I had with Blaise back in late March. Enjoy, everybody.

BD: Could I have you briefly introduce yourself?

Blaise: Hi! I’m Blaise Corvin, a new indie writer who started in the LitRPG sub-genre of fantasy and science fiction.

BD: How long have you been writing?Blaise: I began my online serial in early 2016, I published in October 2016, but I’ve been writing since I was eight years old.

BD: Who would you say are your biggest influences when it comes to writing novels and web fiction?

Blaise: I honestly have too many to name, but some of the big ones are Roger Zelazny, David Weber, Robert Jordan, Deborah Chester, Drew Hayes, and Taran Matharu.

BD: How did you get started on writing Delvers LLC? On Secret of the Old Ones?

Blaise: Pure and total chance.

Delvers LLC was the result of a writing exercise I did while I had writer’s block for another (discarded) series. I wrote the first few chapters, got a lot of positive feedback, and just rolled with it.

Secret of the Old Ones was the result of a friendly writing competition. I wrote a short story that enough people said they’d like to see a book for, so the short story became the first chapter of Secret of the Old Ones.

BD: How do you develop your stories and ideas? And how long do you let certain ideas sit and develop before implementing them into a story?

Blaise: I really don’t have a consistent process at all. All creative people are unique in where they get ideas from and act on them. For me personally, I get ideas from dreams, conversations, and sometimes as a result of crushing guilt.

I tend to marinate on new things for a week or two before implementation, though.

BD: Between Delvers LLC and Secret of the Old Ones, what was the one scene or chapter that was the most fun for you to write?

Blaise: Honestly, to this day, the scene where Henry bursts in on Jason while he’s having a romantic moment with Uluula is still one of my favorites. Also… anything with Dolos.

Writing about an ancient god getting his phallus cut off in Secret of the Old Ones was fun too.

BD: As far as formats go, what do you think are the primary differences between writing novels and writing web fiction?

Blaise: The two are not mutually exclusive. Really, part of it is mindset and plotting.  If someone writes a web serial knowing it will eventually be a novel, they’ll make different choices than they might otherwise make.

For instance, to get readers with a serial, it’s easier to write shorter chapters that can be posted more often.

BD: For you personally, what do you find yourself struggling with the most when it comes to writing? And what comes easy to you?

Blaise: World building, names, characterization, and overall plot comes easily to me. What is hardest sometimes is reeling myself in to hit pre-planned plot points since I am a discovery writer.

BD: Of your characters, who is your favorite to write?

Blaise: Dolos. Minerva in Secret of the Old Ones is a close second.

BD: For anyone starting out and writing their first webserial, what would be the most important piece of advice you could give them?

Blaise: Don’t cut corners. Plan appropriately before you begin. Expect that it will take a while to get any kind of recognition. Writing is a long-term game.

BD: You just released your audiobook for Secret of the Old Ones, but else is on the horizon? Any upcoming projects or releases you’d like to share?

Blaise: Delvers LLC: Obligations Incurred is coming out on 4/7/2017! The audio book should be coming out about a month later.

BD: And lastly, is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Blaise: Thank you for all of your support. The outpouring of support I get on a weekly basis isn’t want keeps me writing, but it definitely helps smooth the bumps that crop up from time to time.

I really love the community, and I love that I can be connected to so many amazing people on my journey.



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